In almost every type of business, the customer is truly number one. Losing customers equals losing money, so it is imperative to provide not only the best products or services, but to attract new customers, keep existing ones happy, and encourage them all to keep coming back for more.

Superior customer service is a competitive advantage

In a fairly famous survey conducted by American Express, 69% of 1,000 people stated they would spend more money with companies that offer excellent customer service. And when asked, “What drives a great interaction with a professional?”, the top answers were quick (42%), knowledgeable (62%), and pleasant (68%). 

So even though living in the Information Age has sped communications up—and raised expectations—the core reasons customers remain loyal are still basically the same. Treat them well and they’ll stick around.

Using GPS monitoring to better serve your customers

For companies that have an added component to their business, such as managing a few or a fleet of vehicles, the need to retain and satisfy customers can be extra tricky. This added layer involves more moving parts (literally) and requires staying in touch with drivers and customers alike, in real time. This instant communication can equal instant customer service, and it can now be achieved via GPS.

Devices enabled with GPS can help drivers navigate from one location to the next and business owners to track where each driver is, when they reach their destination, and if any vehicles have strayed outside their designated boundaries or need assistance. Further, GPS devices combined with fleet management software, like those provided by Satrack, can help strengthen relationships with customers by providing:

  • Access to immediate information regarding all logistical processes, such as routes, times, and locations
  • Real-time updates on deliveries or services, including accurate estimated time of arrival
  • The ability to dispatch vehicles faster (to respond to a customer emergency or a stranded vehicle) using the “find the closest vehicle” feature
  • Faster response to any issues, such as a late delivery or billing concern.

Using Satrack tools to better your business

Satrack takes customer satisfaction seriously—not only yours, as our potential customer, but for your customers as well. To us, our success is your success, and on down the line. Ultimately, Satrack’s technology tools allow you to run your business more easily, efficiently, and cost-effectively, helping you to save time and money while increasing your competitive edge. Specifically, with the right fleet management solution, you can: 

  • Better manage day-to-day operations, by automating administrative tasks and identifying and correcting trends that derail productivity.
  • Track vehicles at any given moment, such as when they enter or exit specific locations and the time spent in each zone.
  • Monitor speed and driver behavior, which can also impact customer service or your company’s reputation.
  • Access valuable data on the number of vehicle stops, idling and fuel usage, and number of miles driven.
  • Monitor vehicle health and needed maintenance.
  • Ensure faster recovery of stolen vehicles.
  • Make informed business decisions using real-time data.

Next-level customer care

Many people have experienced it: extreme frustration with a product or service and no real support to help solve the issue. Add to this the inability to speak to a live person and customer satisfaction drops dramatically. In the American Express survey mentioned earlier, the more complex a service issue is, the more the customer wants to speak to someone, not an automated recording. Further, 74% of those surveyed want a knowledgeable professional. 

Satrack understands this need, and it’s why we choose to provide the highest level of personal, hands-on service that customers crave. Whether you operate a floral business with one vehicle or a plumbing business with a small fleet of vehicles, you receive the same level of attention and expertise. Our experienced staff can walk you through every step of installing your devices and offer support as challenges come up. We can also help you configure the platform with alerts and reports in a way that best fits your unique requirements, allowing you to optimize operations, boost productivity, and grow your business.  

With Satrack, you gain:

  • Access to hundreds of professionals ready to take your call
  • Extensive experience built on 27 years in the industry and serving 40,000 customers
  • A service provider with an international presence in the United States, Colombia, Ecuador, and Panama
  • The tools and information you need to save money, make better, more informed decisions, and ultimately streamline your transportation operations.

 Contact Satrack today to get a free demo.

For any small-business owner, every dollar—and every moment—counts.  

This is especially true for those who have a transportation component (vehicles or fleets) to their business. There is always so much to do: products to deliver, vehicles to service and maintain, and driver calls to respond to. Just keeping the daily flow of operations running on track and on time can feel like an overwhelming task.

The great news is that there are tools available that can help. Yes, they are based on technology, but they are simple to implement and use—and they are available today. In fact, these tools even helped keep transportation companies afloat and thriving during the recent pandemic.

In addition, these technology tools can make a huge difference in boosting a company’s competitive edge as well as helping make the shift from being in a reactionary role, with little control, to a more proactive one. In this blog, we highlight some key components to embracing these new technologies, and how they can benefit your business.

The device: GPS tracker

One little tool has revolutionized how people navigate from point A to point B: GPS device tracking. It is easily accessible everywhere, and it is transforming how transportation companies manage their vehicles. With a GPS tracking device, a driver can find a location, and the business owner can track where that driver is at any given moment. That means greater insight into the status of when products or services are delivered, or how vehicles are performing on the road. Real-time alerts can also be set up to help drivers or business owners respond to situations as they arise. This tracking ability provides crucial information and greater visibility to ensure all operations—on the road and off—are running smoothly, cost-effectively, and on time.

The software: greater access to information

More than ever, information is everywhere. The problem is that not all of it is equal. There is just too much of it, and it takes too long to sift through it to figure out what is usable. 

This information overload is a challenge for any company, especially one that is actively transporting goods and services. So being able to seamlessly collect and use specific information generated from your daily operations can help you not only better manage your business but make better decisions, and faster.

With the right transport vehicle management software, you can access valuable information on:

  • Number of vehicle stops (e.g., multiple or unauthorized) including if products or services are arriving on time
  • Time spent at each customer’s location, providing insight into driver efficiency
  • Idling and fuel usage, delivering real numbers on dollars spent on fuel as well as where to possibly cut costs 
  • Number of miles driven in each state or total number of miles driven per year, helping streamline routes and thus fuel efficiency
  • Driver miles or hours, making the payroll process faster and easier.

The heart: a heightened focus on safety

Your products or services, as well as every one of your drivers and vehicles, matter. As a result, ensuring their safety is key. 

According to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Association, “22.2% of the crash report was brought down when AI was implemented on route planning, which can detect roadblocks, heavy traffic, intersections, and roundabouts.” This statistic alone highlights the added benefit of using technology to improve safety. Specifically, it is essential to have the ability to: 

  • Monitor speed and driver behavior, ensuring adherence to company standards and limiting the number of accidents
  • Better monitor vehicle health, such as knowing exactly when to schedule maintenance, making vehicles more reliable and safer to drive
  • Respond quicker to breakdowns, ensuring drivers are not waiting long for help
  • Trigger an alert in the case of a stolen vehicle, enabling faster recovery.

Technology as an effective tool for your business

Embracing transportation technology tools can feel intimidating, but they can actually help evolve your business by:

  • Delivering better insight into driver behavior, time of arrival of products or services, and vehicle location
  • Providing the information you need at any given moment, allowing you to pivot to address any issues and make informed decisions using real-time data

Ensuring your vehicles’ operations are running smoothly, efficiently, and safely—at all times.

Satrack: Industry Experts Who Can Help

Satrack knows technology—but we also know how to integrate that technology easily and effectively into your business. Our staff of industry experts can help you every step of the way, from the initial device installation to maximizing how the device can best work for your business. Satrack’s experience and international presence are the perfect combo for companies needing greater visibility and support to successfully manage their vehicles and positively impact their bottom line.

By choosing Satrack, you gain:

  • Excellent customer service built on serving 40,000 customers over 27 years
  • Actual hands-on support from industry experts when you need it
  • Access to the tools and information you need to save money, make better, more informed decisions, and ultimately streamline your transportation operations.

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Learn more about how Satrack can help smaller field service fleets optimize operations, improve driver behaviors and lower risk, deliver services on time, and reduce operating costs. Click here to schedule a call!

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