Field Services & Company Fleet Management Solutions

Gain insight into operations and activities. Our GPS fleet tracking software delivers real time information about every vehicle’s diagnostic data, location and route.

On-Demand, Real-Time Visibility

Vital metrics on vehicle health, driver behavior and fuel consumption allow you to act immediately to improve fleet productivity and efficiency. Seize control of your assets in the field with our easy-to-use and affordable platform.

Fleet Tracking Features

Satrack helps you improve safety by identifying trends in driver behavior, such as speeding, harsh acceleration and idling. Save money and optimize operations by addressing trends that waste fuel, affect safety, and lower performance.

Create Customized Reports

Our customizable driver and vehicle reports expose operational issues, inefficiencies, and driver safety concerns. View reports online, download them as a PDF or Excel document, or print for your files.

Zero In On Operator Driving Habits

Our analytic data spots trends in driver activity such as speeding, harsh acceleration and idling. Save money and optimize operations by leveraging data to improve fleet performance.

Identify Vehicle Variables

Get real-time insights into fuel consumption and spot suspicious transactions related to fuel usage. Gain access vehicle diagnostic data to spot repair needs and schedule service.

Uncover Unauthorized Vehicle Use

Manage unauthorized vehicle use and know where your drivers are in real time. Find vehicles quickly and alert authorities to vehicle location about unauthorized use.

Set Alarms and Notifications

Personalize the frequency and set rules that trigger alerts for specific driver behaviors. Identify who gets notified and receive only the information you need

Analyze Operation Activities

Receive location data to act quickly. Display specific events along a route and run historical reports to identify insightful trends that help you improve fleet performance.

Know Where Vehicles Are

Our high-sensitivity GPS tracks vehicle location in real time. Access location data from a cellphone or laptop. Always know driver locations to dispatch the closest driver to the customer.

Get Unlimited Users

Create unlimited users to simplify managing your operation. Set up customized access and control security levels for each user.

Monitor Operation by Preferred Area

Set up Points of Interest to identify areas of interest and get information when a vehicle enters or exists custom locations and know the time in each zone.

Ready to add a fleet data platform that drives a digital transformation?

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Types of Businesses That Require Fleet Management Software

Fleet management can be described as the general actions that happen to ensure a fleet is operating efficiently, on time, and according to budget. A fleet management software is a system used by fleet managers to monitor or manage fleet operations and make decisions regarding dispatch and routing, vehicle acquisition and disposal, and asset management.

Fleet management companies normally partner with various businesses and organizations to help them manage all aspects of their car program. Any company, organization, or institution that has or uses more than 10 vehicles annually requires the services of a fleet management company.

Type of Clients That Might Utilize Fleet Management Software

Small businesses

Small businesses that use several vehicles to run their operations may need to partner with a fleet management company in order to make their work easier.

Federal or state governments

Federal, state or city governments normally have many vehicles used to perform. A fleet management software can significantly lessen their burden and ensure the movement of goods and people is flawless.


Most schools require several vehicles to move students around and perform other duties. A fleet management software can help them properly manage transport operations and improve efficiency.

Trucking companies

A fleet management software is a great solution for trucking companies that want to improve efficiency and increase profits.

Pest control companies

Most pest control companies use many vehicles to move around offering their services. A fleet management software can play a big role in helping them manage their vehicles.

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