Equipment & Construction Fleet Management Solutions

Construction fleet managers oversee a fleet of complex—and expensive assets—and manage a diverse workforce, all while monitoring efficiency, maintenance, and safety. Our fleet tracking and management solution keeps tabs on your assets, tracks maintenance, and manages drivers and schedules.

Capabilities for Construction Fleets

With vital fleet metrics at your fingertips, you can oversee day-to-day operations, track assets and their operational health, and boost safety and compliance. Our easy-to-use and affordable platform gathers data that cuts the complexity of construction fleet management.

Fleet Tracking Features

Satrack advances construction capabilities by tracking assets in real time. Our platform uses GPS tracking to transform and optimize your services to keep construction projects on time and on budget. Spot and correct trends before they lower productivity, cost money or reduce safety.

Create Customized Reports

Our customizable reports expose trends that negatively impact construction operations. View reports online, download them as a PDF or Excel document, or print for your files.

Safeguard Safety

Analyze accident and driving data to safeguard safety. Identify driving behaviors like fast acceleration and hard braking that point to unsafe or distracted driving. Take steps to reduce idling, save fuel, and promote safer driving.

Monitor Maintenance Needs

Equipment breakdowns lead to decreased operational efficiency and costly delays. Observe vehicle health needs in real time to address maintenance issues before they lead to costly repairs and excessive downtime.

Uncover Unauthorized Vehicle Use

Manage unauthorized vehicle use and know where your drivers are in real time. Find vehicles quickly and alert authorities to vehicle location with unauthorized use.

Set Alarms and Notifications

Set the Satrack system to trigger alerts for parameters tied to asset health or unsafe driving practices. Identify who accesses the information and receive only the data you need.

See Vehicles in Real Time

Use high-sensitivity GPS to track construction vehicles in real time to coordinate operations and stay on schedule and on budget.

Driver ID Solution

Monitor driver journey data as drivers switch between construction vehicles. Driver ID makes drivers more accountable for their driving behavior for safer construction operations.

Customize Solutions to Your Needs

Tailor automated solutions to your needs. Compile operator and truck performance data to determine cycle times, prepare billing reports, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Monitor Operation by Preferred Area

Set up landmarks to identify areas of interest and get information when a construction vehicle enters or exists custom locations and know the time in each zone.

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