Private Fleet Vehicle Management Solutions

The trucking capacity crunch, driver shortage and escalating transportation costs from dedicated providers pushes many companies to add private fleets. But to reap the benefits of privatizing your fleet, you must achieve top performance with unparalleled reliability.

Functions for Private Fleets

Satrack puts vital fleet metrics at your fingertips so you can oversee day-to-day operations, track vehicles and their operational health, boost safety and optimize performance. Our easy-to-use and affordable platform gathers data that pushes up private fleet performance.

Fleet Tracking Features

Satrack keeps private fleets on the road. Our platform uses GPS tracking to transform and optimize private fleet operations. Gain insights into fleet operations to achieve top performance and provide customers with unparalleled reliability.

Create Customized Reports

Our customizable driver reports expose driver safety concerns and trends. View reports online, download them as a PDF or Excel document, or print for your files.

Safeguard Safety

Analyze driving behaviors to spot trends like fast acceleration and hard braking that point to unsafe or distracted driving. Take steps to promote safer driving practices.

Monitor Maintenance Needs

Observe vehicle operations and maintenance needs in real time to address maintenance issues before they cause costly repairs and excessive downtime.

Set Alarms and Notifications

Set the Satrack system to trigger alerts for parameters tied to vehicle health or unsafe driving practices. Identify who accesses the information and receive only the data you need.

See Vehicle Locations

Use high-sensitivity GPS to track fleet vehicles in real time to coordinate operations, plan routes, and ensure on-time deliveries.

Customize Solutions to Your Needs

Tailor automated solutions to your needs. Compile operator and vehicle performance data to determine route times, track deliveries and prepare billing reports.

Suggested Devices for Safety

Satrack offers devices designed to improve safety at varied functionality levels and price points to meet your unique needs and budget. Choose between Hardwired GPS Trackers, Plug-& Play GPS Trackers and Portable GPS Trackers.

Ready to add a fleet data platform that drives a digital transformation?

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