Satrack Fleet Management Tracking Technology

As a business owner, you are responsible for a lot, especially in the trucking industry. Not only are you responsible for your drivers and your fleet, but also the cargo inside each of your trucks. It can be a daunting job, especially when technology is not on your side. Luckily, Satrack makes it easy to organize your fleet in a manageable way. Instead of relying on older, outdated forms of communication, Satrack allows the trucking industry to enjoy technology in a way that is mutually beneficial.
We know how useful Satrack can be, but some fleet managers don’t really understand just how useful our GPS tracking software is.
In this blog, we are going to give you a breakdown about how beneficial our software can be for your business. By being able to allow technology to work for you, you can manage and control your business so that it runs more efficiently.

Identify Driving Habits

As a fleet manager, you have to be able to view and control a large number of moving parts. You have to know which trucks are going where, what they are carrying, and when their expected arrival time is. Because of the complexity of fleet services, tracking software can be a huge benefit in terms of organization. One of the main benefits of Satrack software is its ability to track and identify driving habits among employed drivers. With access to Satrack data, you will be able to observe when drivers are (or are not) working, making unauthorized stops, making route changes, etc. By being able to see the actions and driving logs from each of your drivers, you can observe the functionality of your business as a whole. This unique perspective of your business and how it works will allow you to find new ways to increase your business’ customer service and general efficiency.

Analyze Operation Activities

This feature allows you to view the progression of your business; you will be able to see how your fleet is performing and what could be improved. What is most valuable about our technology is that you can see the current performance of your fleet. Best of all, we offer graphics to help you understand the data in order to improve communication between you and our technology. By being able to see in updated graphs of how your business is thriving or how it could use support, you have a better opportunity to control your business. And, by treating certain issues early, you won’t have to deal with larger problems later “down the road.”

Locate Your Vehicles

Another, huge benefit Satrack can offer our clients is our GPS tracking services for your entire fleet. Locating where your vehicles are in real time is valuable information needed to know arrival times and driving efficiency. By having digital technology to track when the truck is mobile and how long the estimated time of arrival is, you’ll gain essential information, especially for a fleet manager.
Not only, does Satrack notify you when vehicles are mobile or dormant, but the software can send you the exact location of the vehicle in real time. This can be a huge benefit in the unlikely case of a truck accident or malfunction. By being able to know where the vehicle is and who was driving it, you have access to important information that could help you retrieve the vehicle and its cargo much faster than ever before.

Satrack can not only track the vehicle and where it is, but it can also track the driver as well. Our technology has the ability to identify when non-authorized drivers enter and operate the vehicle. This means that, in the case that one of the vehicles in your fleet is apprehended by a stranger, you can locate the exact location of the vehicle and call the local authorities.

Monitor Your Operation

Aside from tracking the location of your vehicle, Satrack technology can give you in-time alerts and notifications about the progress of your fleet. For instance, our technology can alert you of road delays. By using our tracking technology, you can view the ahead road conditions for your fleet and choose alternate routes. By being able to foresee issues in your fleet’s future, you can take action to work around them and ensure that your fleet is not unnecessarily delayed.

With the help of Satrack, fleet management can be simplified. In some ways, technology can be, at certain times, a nuisance. Satrack GPS tracking software, however, offers access to profoundly valuable information that is up-to-date and can help increase the efficiency of your fleet. Not only will you be able to assume complete control of the fleet, but your management skills can be improved with precise data from all the vehicles in your fleet. If you are interested in elevating the functionality of your fleet and business, contact Satrack today.

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For transport and / or logistics companies, in addition to human resources, the fleet of vehicles is one of the most important assets and managing it appropriately allows greater agility for those who are responsible for it, as well as greater customer satisfaction and, therefore, more business profitability. These 5 keys to optimizing your fleet contribute to the care and management of the vehicles:

  1. Review the positioning data of the vehicles: know where, when, how long and how often the vehicles are used, helps to have control of the distances traveled, duration of trips, routes, points visited, etc.
  2. Control and reduce vehicle downtime: keep track of maintenance schedule needed for vehicles, reduce the cost of repairs and prevent them from being out of service. Likewise, having the a of preventive maintenance can increase the useful life of the vehicle.
  3. Pay attention to the programming of routes: have on the radar the different routes that can lead to the same destination, as well as the conditions of the same and if they adapt to different types of vehicles, this will help facilitate and streamline the collection processes and deliveries.
  4. Manage driving habits: drivers are the fundamental basis of the transport process, so knowing their behavior behind the wheel through monitoring systems and working in an almost personalized way with them from, will almost guarantee the saftey not only of the vehicle but also of the drivers.
  5. Review reports and make decisions from the data: systems such as tracking, generate reports from the vehicle monitoring, downloading this information and reviewing it frewquently provides the bases you need to make decisions about how to administrate the fleet.

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A general contractor can help you to do everything from build a fence to renovate your home. Regardless of whether you need a contractor for help with a larger or smaller home repair or improvement project, you may be looking for a professional who will do quality work for a great price. If you are looking for a general contractor to work with, you can narrow down your options by focusing on a few key points.

License and Insurance

In most areas, general contractors are required to be licensed, and they may display their license number on their website. You can check with your state licensing board to ensure that they are in good standing. In addition, inquire about the liability insurance that they carry, and ensure that the policy is active. This will minimize the likelihood that you have to contend with shoddy work or that you may face a liability issue yourself if a worker is injured on your property.

Great Reviews

There are numerous online review website that you can use to research contractors. In addition to looking at how many stars or points they have, read the individual reviews. If you notice a trend in the reviews, such as several reviews that attest to slow or sloppy work, you may assume that this may be the same experience you would have as well. However, avoid making a decision based on just one or two negative reviews.

Good Customer Service

You should also pay attention to how the company treats you as a customer. When you are setting up your appointment for a consultation and waiting to receive a written estimate from them, do they return your calls promptly? Are they courteous and honest? If you do not receive good service up-front, you may expect the same low level of service to continue on throughout the renovation or improvement process.

There may be dozens of contractors in your area vying for your business, but you understandably want to work with a top professional who charges a great rate. By interviewing the contractors and doing your own research, you can make a more informed decision about which contractor to choose.

If you worry about where your employees are traveling in company vehicles, or simply want to track where your vehicles are, now may be the time to install a global positioning system (GPS) on those vehicles. With a GPS vehicle tracker, you can accurately track company cars or trucks. State-of-the art GPS services allow you to log in and view current location from any web-enabled computer or cell phone. Some systems also allow the setting of online geographic boundaries. Vehicles that cross a boundary trigger an instant violation alert.

The chief advantage of a GPS vehicle tracker is the ability to allow management to track the location of company cars and the employees driving them at all times. When a customer calls about a scheduled delivery, you can easily advise the customer of the estimated arrival time—without having to call the employee en route. Inappropriate use of company vehicles (e.g. for personal reasons) can also be easily discovered through GPS.

GPS vehicle trackers also encourage more efficient use of company cars. When employees know that their mileage and even driving habits is being monitored, they tend to be more careful in company vehicle use. Employees who understand that the GPS will result in improved efficiency, profitability, and on-the-job safety are much more likely to view the new company vehicle policy as a good thing.
The end result is bottom line savings, which can easily offset the investment made in GPS equipment and installation.

GPS systems are also extremely helpful when drivers become hurt, stranded, or lost. In addition, companies can guide the employee quickly and directly to hard-to-find locations, saving time and fuel and if the fleet management is significant in your business, the savings and efficiency achieved are likely to be well worth the investment.

Fleet tracking software is widely used in big and small businesses. This is because it has a multitude of benefits for all sorts of businesses. Installing fleet tracking can reduce fuel costs, increase safety and allow businesses to offer better customer service. While it may seem like a high upfront cost, fleet tracking software is an investment for the future of your business.

By using a fleet tracking software, you can reduce the fuel costs to your business. Reducing these costs comes in a number of ways. Fleet tracking allows for less idling and less speeding, both of which can add up in terms of fuel costs.

Safety in businesses with fleets can be difficult. However, using fleet tracking software can help. This software can give you the means to supervise your trucks and your drivers. Inventory management and unauthorized truck usage are easier to manage with the installation of tracking software. Employee accountability becomes a bigger part of your business.

Every business should be looking for a better way to offer improved customer service. Business is won and lost on this basis, something that fleet tracking software can help you with. You can increase the number of service calls, or deliveries, with better route guidance, more employee accountability and reduced fuel costs. This software also provides you with a wealth of information which allows you to keep customers, and drivers, better informed to provide a higher caliber of service.

Installing fleet tracking software can improve a business’s productivity while decreasing costs. The benefits to such software includes more, detailed information which will allow you to make better decisions for your business. Lowered fuel costs and higher employee accountability can pay for the installation of fleet tracking software quickly enough to make it a sound business strategy. And what you’ll save over time will make you want to install it sooner rather than later.

If you run a grocery store you know how difficult the industry can be. Margins are low, food products have a limited shelf life and the cost of getting produce from the farm to the shelves is high.

GPS fleet tracking software can address all of those issues, lowering your costs, making your operation more efficient and potentially boosting your profit margin. Here are a few of the many benefits GPS fleet tracking software can bring to your grocery store operation.

  • Increased freshness of produce – Fresh produce is a major selling point for grocery stores, but it is one of the hardest product lines to manage. Fleet tracking software helps company managers track the time from field to store – bringing customers fresher and more delicious produce every day.
  • Better labor utilization – Driving a truck is a valuable skill, and an expensive one. GPS fleet tracking software makes it easier for managers to track their drivers and optimize the time they spend on the road.
  • Ease of use – Some fleet tracking systems proved too difficult and cumbersome to use, but GPS fleet tracking software is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Simple location of assets – Installing GPS fleet management software on company vehicles makes them easier to locate if they are lost or stolen.
  • Increased safety – Grocery trucks and delivery vans often operate in congested urban areas. GPS fleet tracking software allows managers to develop better routes and improve safety for drivers, pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Lower costs – Grocery stores operate on notoriously thin margins, so every penny saved makes a huge difference. GPS fleet tracking software lowers costs in a myriad of different ways, from better labor cost management and lower fuel costs to smarter trip routing and lower insurance premiums.

Nothing can make running a grocery store chain simple, but having the right technology in place can make it easier. If you have never considered a GPS fleet tracking software solution for your company, now might be the time.

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